Audiology Services

Audiology Services

Full Audiology service at Ballyduff Pharmacy

For our hearing check service, we have partnered with Blackberry hearing Click here Blackberry Hearing

Audiologists visit the pharmacy on a monthly basis to perform a thorough hearing check. The consultation lasts 30 to 45mins. If the audiologist feels that your hearing is affecting you, they can take the consultation to the next level.

What audiology services are offered at Ballyduff Pharmacy

- Free Heaing test for Adults and Children

- Ear wax Removal

- Hearing Aid Fitting

Why have we partnered with Blackberry hearing?

Blackberry Hearing uniquely offers its customers the following:

Much more affordable prices. Typically 60% below other retailers for the same type of hearing aids.

Transparent pricing. You know beforehand exactly what it will cost, should you decide to purchase.

Latest technology. Discreet and comfortable, European manufactured Hearing aids.

Highest quality customer care.

Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

The initial consultation is free. This involves the hearing check exam which takes approximately 45mins. The only fee incurred is if you purchase hearing aids.