Calpol Infant suspension 2months+

Calpol Infant suspension 2months+
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Calpol Infant Sugar free 120mg/5ml oral suspension is a strawberry flavoured oral suspension and will relieve pain and/or fever in many conditions including teething, headache, toothache, sore throat, post-immunisation fever, cold and flu, earache, other aches and pains. It is suitable for babies and children from 2 months to 6 years.

Shake the bottle for at least 10 seconds before use. Always use the syringe supplied with the pack. Never give more medicine than is advised on the packaging. Do not exceed the stated doses.

  • Child's Age - 2-3 months 1. Post-vaccination fever 2. Other causes of pain and fever - if your baby weighs over 4 kg and was born after 37 weeks: How Much - 2.5 ml If necessary, after 4-6 hours, give a second 2.5 ml dose.
  • Child's Age: 3-6 months 2.5 ml (two and a half mls) up to 4 times a day:
  • Child's Age: 6-24 months 5ml ( five mls)up to 4 times a day
  • Child's Age: 2-4 years,  7.5 ml (Seven and a half mls) up to four times daily
  • Child's Age: 4-6 years, 10ml (ten mls) up to 4 times a day: 10 ml (5 ml + 5 ml).

Do not give more than 4 doses in any 24 hour period. Leave at least 4 hours between doses. Do not give this medicine to your child for more than 3 days without speaking to your doctor or pharmacist.

Do not give to babies less than 2 months of age. Do not give more than 2 doses. Leave at least 4 hours between doses. If further doses are needed, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Always read full instructions before use.