Microlax Enema

Microlax Enema
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Microlax Rectal Solution is used to empty the large bowel when constipated. The enema acts as a laxative by softening the stools and by its lubricating properties.

The Microlax enema acts as a laxative through its faecal softening and lubricant properties.

For evacuation of the colon in constipation, or prior to surgical and diagnostic procedures or in obstetrics prior to delivery. It softens hard, compacted stool simply and hygienically, to allow for a normal bowel movement. Microlax acts locally in the rectum meaning there is a low risk of dependence and limited side effects.

Fast acting relief from constipation

Acts locally to allow for normal bowel movements

Softens hard, compacted stool simply and hygienically

How to use Microlax Rectal Solution

Adults and children aged 3 years and over: Administer the contents of one micro-enema rectally, inserting the full length of the nozzle. No lubricant is needed as a drop of the mixture is sufficient.

Micralax usually works within 5 to 15 minutes, so make sure you are near a toilet before using it.

Always use a fresh tube of Micralax every time.

1. Lie down on your side with your knees drawn up towards your tummy or, if you prefer, sit on the toilet.

2. Pull or twist the cap off the tube.

3. If you want to lubricate the nozzle before inserting it, squeeze a drop of liquid out onto the nozzle.

4. Insert the full length of the nozzle into your back passage.

5. Gently squeeze the tube until it is empty.

6. Keep squeezing the tube as you pull the nozzle out of your back passage. This is to stop the medicine being drawn back into the tube.

7. Wait for the laxative to work (5-15 minutes)

No side effects have been reported. Excessive use may cause diarrhoea and fluid loss, which should be treated symptomatically.

Micralax combines the action of sodium citrate, a peptidising agent which can displace bound water present in the faeces; sorbitol, which enhances this action, and sodium alkylsulphoacetate, a wetting agent.

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