NiQuitin Clear Patch Step 1 - 21mg- 14 Days


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 Apply a NiQuitin® Clear Patch each day (preferably in the morning) on the upper body. Replace the patch every day during 6 weeks. Then move to Step 2.

  • 10 Cigarettes or more a day.
  • Start with Step 1 and gradually move to step 2 and 3 as directed on pack over 10 weeks.

Once daily application for effective craving control. Can be used as a part of a 10-week step down programme to quit.

What is Smart Control Technology™

NiQuitin Patches are clinically proven to double your chances of stopping smoking¹.

They use unique Smart Control™ Technology to deliver a rapid release of therapeutic nicotine on application. The NiQuitin patch then releases a continuous flow of therapeutic nicotine throughout the day – helping to stop nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms before they occur.

¹21mg only vs. placebo