Periform + Vaginal Probe


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Periform Plus is an intra vaginal probe for Biofeedback and Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation.

Periform Plus is one of the most popular vaginal stimulation probes. Periform Plus is favoured and recommended by continence therapists and pelvic floor rehabilitation professionals.

Periform Plus is compatible with most brands of pelvic floor muscle stimulators and EMG Biofeedback machines using leads with 2 mm diameter male and female connectors.  

Periform Plus comes complete with Pelvic Floor Contraction Indicator Wand, a visual aid to teaching how to perform pelvic floor exercises correctly. Indicator Wand fits easily to the main Periform Plus probe body. The Indicator Wand facilitates greater and clearer amplification of internal pelvic tissues movements for quality and clarity of visual biofeedback, user understanding and education.Periform Plus features patented shape for easy retention and for stable positioning with minimum lateral movements. The patented hollow shape secures probe retention, whilst also enables the patient to remain mobile during stimulation treatment. Soft curving of the probe assists smooth insertion and comfort and the narrow neck ensures the tissues remain in the natural position. Perform Plus conducts comfortable stimuli via its contoured electrodes and ensure user comfort during treatment.

Periform Plus is a one piece device that is smoother and easier to clean. It has an integrated cable that is integrally moulded to eliminate any chances of moisture ingress. The cable is 36 cm long enabling location of equipment cable connection to be moved away from areas of potential contamination.

Periform®+ Intra-Vaginal Probe

Can be used with most IEC 60601 approved muscle stimulators and biofeedback equipment (refer to manufacturers instructions before use)

Single patient use

Medical grade surgical stainless steel

Unique ‘rectangular’ section resists lateral movement

Contoured electrode provides comfortable stimulation

Smooth clean shape

Long integrated cables

Push fit indicator wand with extension pieces

Unique Indicator Wand

Periform Plus electrodes are made from medical grade surgical stainless steel.

Periform Plus Vaginal Probe is 80 mm long.

CE mark Medical Device (CE0088)

Visual aid to teach correct pelvic floor exercises

Push fit

Extension pieces provide greater amplification of pelvic floor movements to improve visual biofeedback

Demonstrates benefit of bracing before cough etc.

Provides vital information on the efficiency of muscle stimulation