Wisdom Medium Triple Pack Toothbrushes

Wisdom Medium Triple Pack Toothbrushes
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Wisdom Regular Fresh Toothbrushes are designed to give your entire mouth a thorough clean. 

They have multi-level filaments that help to fit the natural shape of your teeth, reaching into all of the spaces where plaque and food particles build up and giving you a proper clean. 

The back of the brush head also includes a tongue cleaner, removing bacteria from your tongue and freshening your breath. Wisdom Regular Fresh Toothbrushes are available with medium or firm filaments.

Why is cleaning your teeth so important?

When you clean your teeth, you remove harmful bacteria and food particles that build up on your teeth and gums throughout the day. When this isn’t cleaned away with a proper dental care routine, harmful plaque acids can damage your teeth and gums, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

How will these toothbrushes help to keep my teeth clean?

Wisdom Regular Fresh Toothbrushes use multi-level filaments to clean the entire surface of your teeth, making sure that every part of your teeth is properly cleaned. The long handle helps you to reach your back teeth, making it easier to clean those hard to reach places, and the easy-grip gives you better control over your brushing.

How to use a Wisdom Regular Fresh Toothbrush

Use your Wisdom Regular Fresh Toothbrushes as a part of a regular dental care routine. For best results, dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, twice a day. This helps you to be sure that you’ve brushed properly. Use the tongue cleaner on the back of your Wisdom Regular Fresh Toothbrush head to brush plaque and debris from your tongue when you brush your teeth.

How often should I change a manual toothbrush?

Dentists recommend that you should change your toothbrush every 3 months to make sure that you’re giving your teeth the best possible clean. When a toothbrush gets old, it stops being as effective as possible when its time to clean your teeth, making it harder to clean your teeth properly. This is why some toothbrushes use coloured bristles which fade over 3 months of use, clearly showing you when its time to change your toothbrush.